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Java 1.5

This demo requires Java version 1.5 or higher (free download) GetJava Download Button

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Version: 1.2

Remote facility management

The browser you are using right now is a powerfull universal remote control. Via the internet this browser-based remote control provides worldwide visualisation, control and monitoring mechanisms. You can switch on/off lights at remote locations, lower or rise sunblinds, check the temperature operate machines and much more.

EIB-OfficeThe university of applied sciences in Aachen, Germany developed a data exchange Software (Visual Building System™). This Java based VBS-Software provides an easy to handle universal tool for energy and facility management and currently supports the following interfaces: OPC, EIB, LON, LCN, S0-Impulse and Mbus.

This software was recently extended by a Web3D module which allows the three-dimensional visualization of the controlled facility. With this 3D extension you can walk through the rooms of a building as if you were there. Just click on a virtual light-switch in the model and the light in the real room will be switched on or off.

GebauedesystemtechnikThe rapid application developement tool WireFusion™ from Demicron® was chosen to implement this 3D-component. It provides an easy to operate building tool and a very fast and small graphic engine with high quality rendering. Furthermore it is fully Java-based and therefore perfectly in line with the VBS technology.

Try the demo to check out the high visual quality and the usabiliy. It is one of the first Web3D - applications worldwide which demonstrates the benefits and potentials of the synergy of Web3D and facility management.

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